Its not personal, its just biology.

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Number one took AP Biology this year and at one point he had a startling revelation: from a biological perspective the only point of existence is to reproduce, thus perpetuating the species. Think about it, from birth to death, every action of every creature can be indirectly traced back to this genetically hard-wired imperative.

Don’t argue with science, selfishness is just part of our programming. The same can be said for lying, stealing and even killing, its our nature. Its who we are. But why stop there, when competing for scarce resources that may insure the survival of the species, war and genocide are just 2 more tools in our collective belts. Its not personal, its just biology.

As extreme and absurd as the above sounds, in actuality, it is unfortunately reflective of our shared history. That said, are we also willing to allow it to become our destiny? Science can only define what can be defined with in conventional means and as such, if we don’t have the technology to repeatedly observe something, for all intents and purposes, it does not exist until we actually acquire the requisite capabilities. The true blessing of being human is that the potential exists within all of us to transcend our biology, intellectually, spiritually and physically. Our curse however, is that generation after generation, as a species, we have repeatedly, collectively failed to fully recognize this blessing.  And as the Red Sox have demonstrated, one day all curses come to an end.