instant repulsion?

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Have you ever met someone that just instantly repulsed you. Not an intellectual repulsion, but one from your core? Many times I have found that what is really upsetting me about the person is just a reflection of a character trait which I possess. A trait which I do not like or may not want to acknowledge I actually have.

As difficult and as infrequent as these interactions are, I relish them.  While I always find it hard to engage these people, it is a personal challenge that is worth undertaking; these experiences provide me with an opportunity to explore a dark part of myself and to hopefully grow beyond it, allowing me to get to know another person, consciously unencumbered my own prejudice.

thoughts and actions

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Some believe that right action advances us to right thought. Others hold that the opposite is true; right thought brings about right action. In either case, the desired end result is achieving a state of both right thought and right action. Or to live a life, where one is more compassionate, more empathetic and more outwardly focused. And perhaps a life, where one is not so invested in an opinion such as the right way or the wrong way to actually live consciously, compassionately and with empathy.