How to torment yourself (or not).

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Life becomes more meaningful once the habitual addition of meaning to events inside that life ends. Or put another way, stuff happens because it happens. Its not personal, its just life.

For example, its a beautiful day and you are driving along on the highway when suddenly a car driven by a girl speeds past on your right* and then abruptly changes lanes, cutting you off. If you want to torment yourself, simply choose to make it about YOU. She cut YOU off. She singled YOU out and did this to YOU. This always happens to YOU. Why are all the bad drivers on the road when YOU are on the road. Why are YOU always stuck in traffic.Why does this always happen to YOU.

Or choose to see the situation for what it is. There is a girl driving a car dangerously. She is cutting people off at random. Simply let her pass by and enjoy your the rest of your life.

*for our readers in the UK, it is a violation to pass on the right in the US.

Why you are not the person in the mirror.

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Sorry but you are not who you think you are. You are not who you look like. You are not your body and you are certainly not your clothes, your car, your house or apartment, your job or even your country. The mirror offers an illusion, a transient glimmer of a reflected delusion. Do not be distracted by it. Smash it and forget it ever existed.